Cut out – data for data’s sake!

A rummy background...(1)Inside Sales is somewhere EVERYTHING is measured in most organizations. In fact, it is probably harder to ignore data you have than it is to figure out a way to gather the information you believe to be important.

“You have to inspect what you expect.” ~ Unknown (but attributed to many)

While that is true and critical to management success, if you share EVERY number you have access to they will all become meaningless to the inside salespeople on your team.

Instead, choose key metrics and ONLY share those – don’t role your eyes at me.

What if you focused on three daily and three weekly measurements that move your team toward the goals you have.

Once you’ve picked them – share the reason behind your choices. The story of why those particular numbers are important.

Track them, talk about them, hold your inside salespeople accountable for them, AND figure out what is getting in their way from achieving them.

If there are any pieces of data you share and report on that the WHY behind isn’t perfectly clear – you’re wasting your time pulling the report.

If there are metrics that show up day after day on a dashboard, yet are never discussed – it will not change behavior.

Cut out data for data’s sake!

image courtesy of © Andrei Mihalcea | Dreamstime

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