Translation of “nothing going on”

I think it is time to stop hearing “nothing going on” as the truth and start realizing that it is only a sales stop light. Your job as the inside salesperson is to turn the light from red to green.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????“nothing going on” translates to I don’t…
• have time for you
• think you can help me with what I have going on
• have anything going on right this minute

This is typically heard early in a conversation. As RESISTANCE to accept a conversation (when defining a conversation as an exchange of ideas between people).

The second translation of “nothing going on” would be I don’t…
• believe in you or your company
• don’t need you / don’t need your company

This is an OBJECTION. When the prospect or customers is disagreeing with OR Opposing the idea of doing business together.

You may come up with a third or even forth translation.

Now think about who you hear “nothing going on” from the most: prospects or customers?

When you’re prospecting you are probably sounding like you’re selling something vs. helping them solve a problem.

When it is a customer it is likely you didn’t have a valuable reason for THEM to speak with you.

Step 1 – reevaluate your opening statement to make sure it clearly defines what is in it for them!
Step 2 – write an acknowledgement you’ve heard “nothing going on” along with a redirect question for the resistance
Step 3 – write an acknowledgement you’ve heard “nothing going on” – a story – and question for the objection

The key is to have a way to keep the conversation going right past “nothing going on”.

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