What is draining your energy?

Monday’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner post was Tolerations kill your ability to lead, the bad news is they will also kill your ability to sell!

dreamstimefree_36602On Friday right before lunch I got a call from an awesome inside salesperson.

This month has been rough;
> big goal (largest of his career)
> big return – that put him in a huge hole starting the month

and on Friday morning, he had ZERO conversations – in fact reached NONE of the people he wanted to – yet made over 40 dials.

That was the one more drop of water that went from insignificant to overflowing.

Emotional energy level almost drained to zero.

Today ask yourself – What is draining your energy? and then, do something about it!

My awesome inside sales friend did three things:
1. called his coach to both vent & figure out how to move forward.
2. got up and moved; I reminded him what my accountability partner reminded me “to change your mind, move your body”
3. his routine wasn’t getting the results he wanted. In the afternoon he did inside sales differently than he regularly does.

Result = by the end of the day he was feeling better about both his day AND coming back on Monday.

Now decide what will you do to stop the tolerations?

image courtesy of © Graphics1976 | Dreamstime

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