Tolerations kill your ability to lead

Every day each person wakes up with energy. Every day is different based on what is going on in their life. Perhaps affected by yesterday, amount of sleep, thoughts about the day.

During the day; some things add to the energy pool and others drain it.

Waterwheel ID: 32181 © Dawn Hudson | DreamstimeTolerations are those little things that when taken individually seem insignificant.

> A salesperson who’s behavior makes you roll your eyes.
> The second request for a report you already sent, but wasn’t read the first time.
> When the person who called a meeting – is late.

Individually they may be insignificant – like individual drops of water – yet if left unchecked they can flood a city.

Left unchecked tolerations will kill your ability to lead because they sap energy.

… flexibility
… creativity
… problem solving
… attention span

Instead look at what you are tolerating and either let go of the eye rolling frustration OR change it. Yes I know, easier said than done!

Pick one thing and do the work to get it off your toleration list – when you wake up tomorrow you’ll be glad you did!

Looking for more on tolerations check out my “Every penny adds up to a dollar” post.

image courtesy of © Dawn Hudson | Dreamstime

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