what you give when 100% isn’t available

Medical graphEvery day we come to work with different levels of:
> energy
> enthusiasm
> resilience
> initiative
> motivation

The key to those days with less than 100% of your normal levels is to give what you have. Stop wishing the day were “normal” and start doing something.

At 40% of your normal energy level?
> choose something that is less of an energy drain.

Only have 60% of the enthusiasm you’re used to?
> pick a salesperson on your team to drive the day’s enthusiasm.

Resilience levels at 70%?
> don’t choose activities that typically make you roll your eyes.

Only 20% initiative for the day?
> make sure you have a to do list so you don’t have to decide what is important.

Motivation down around 30%?
> pick an accountability partner to help keep you going.

You can’t always come in at 100%, what will drive your leadership success is how you handle the days that challenge you.

image courtesy of © Jyothi | Dreamstime

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