5 steps of HARD pre-work for easy call success

As inside salespeople I’m sure you know all about the research:
> 9 to 12 “touches” before you’re remembered
> voicemail combined with email is more effective than either alone.

???????????????????????????????????????Yet have you done the PRE-work to make yourself more effective AND efficient?

EFFECTIVE: If you are leaving the same tired voicemail and sending a boring self serving email – the number of times you call is irrelevant!

EFFICIENT: If you are deciding what to say individually for each call, then writing out an email each time it isn’t efficient.

Step 1 – write out your opening statement JUST in case they actually answer (making sure it is about the results your prospect will see from working together – even the result of having the conversation with you).

Step 2 – practice out loud… now go back and rework so it sounds conversational for you! Keep the original, you’ll use it for your email template in a minute.

Step 2 – convert into a succinct, single topic voicemail message.

Step 4 – leave it on your own voicemail – would YOU call yourself back? if not rework until you would.

Step 5 – take your original opening statement and tweak it to become your email follow-up.

YES that was a lot of work!

Now it is time to call. You’re ready to dial… (yes assuming you have a list in your CRM).

Depending on auto attendant vs. human receptionist – an hour of calling will probably max out at between 12 and 20 dials (if ONLY messages are left).

It will then take you another 30 minutes “ish” to send your follow-up email with the prewritten templates.

> if you get voicemail, zero out and ask a human operator/receptionist questions!
1. you will not get stale
2. gather information for when you reach your target contact
3. find additional people to speak with
(modify your target # of dials if you use this strategy)

> most inside salespeople will tell you they get on a roll, make sure you schedule your time to allow this to happen, 1 1/2 hr appears to be the minimum and over 4 hrs blitzing is exhausting.

> have an accountability partner to make it more fun – plus you’ll end up with two messages you can share for your next round of calls.

> reward yourself by counting with pennies, hard candy, or chocolate

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