Asking vs. Telling for inside sales leadership success

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There you are kicking back at the end of a long week, feet up and smiling.

Then you wonder what made this week so different from all the others. Which is when you realize that you have your inside sales team to the point where you are asking more questions than you are telling them what to do.

Palm to forehead, it hits you – just like sales success, inside side sales leadership success comes from asking vs. telling.

You put your feet down and start writing the questions you’ve been asking to make sure you don’t forget them.

> what do you intend to accomplish this week?
> how will you hold yourself accountable?
> are there any obstacles you will need to overcome?

> what did you learn yesterday in your pursuit of ____?
> what was easy about your day?
> what challenges did you face staying on track?

> does your objective for the week still make sense?
> what ELSE have you been able to accomplish so far?
> has anything come up you need my help with?

> is there anyone you’d like me to call to help you achieve ______?
> as you’ve been working toward _______ has anything come up that needs consideration for next week’s objective?
> what is missing from your strategy that would make sense to add today?

> have you achieved ________?
> what did you learn about yourself this week?
> are you already planning next week’s objective?

This week decide what your questions need to be and think of all your inside sales team conversations as sales conversations – with you asking instead of telling. Listening the whole time and creating momentum toward success.

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