LinkedIn – give it some love

dreamstimefree_65470I’ll admit it, I know I am supposed to “connect” on LinkedIn with people… but do I?

In my coaching world a SHOULD is typically something that someone else told my client was important (perhaps a guru or book or friend or parent or spouse… you get the idea), yet it isn’t actually important to them!

LinkedIn has been on my should list for a while.

Not from a research perspective -> like most salespeople I use it to understand my prospects more deeply

Not from a profile perspective -> I know people Google me, just like I Google them, and I keep my profile up to date and interesting

Not from an update perspective -> I share what I believe to be relevant information, tips, and advice

My LinkedIn SHOULD is about making my connections personal. Giving everyone in my network some love.

Today that should became a WILL – I will spend two, 1-hour blocks of time every week actually connecting with my connections.

What is your LinkedIn SHOULD? How will you either let it go or turn it into a WILL?

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