It’s dark outside (& in sales) – 3 ways to shed some light

dreamstimefree_41930I don’t know about where you live, but here in northern New York – it is dark in the morning when I’m starting work AND dark again when I’m finished for the day.

Sometimes sales feels that way too.

As you lead your team this week, consider how you can shed some light on the darkness.

1. Talk about the WHY
Don’t keep them in the dark! Instead of asking – telling – demanding that the inside salespeople on your team do a particular activity, give them the WHY behind your request. Remembering to use their goal achievement as the baseline.

2. Give them the customer focused question
Stop telling the people on your team what you want to know and begin to help them craft a customer focused question. “where’s the PO?” is what you want to know – not what you want them to ask. Here is my light on the subject, a short video for you.

3. Offer to call together
When it is very dark outside, it can be frightening to go it alone if you don’t know the way. Having someone along to guide you makes it easier. Conference calls OR observing with IM to send questions to ask over, helps light the way to making more sales.

This week make sure you are leading your team by shedding light on the sales situation they are in.

image courtesy of © Trevor Botting | Dreamstime

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