Are you holding customers back?

Fred-pullingWhile out walking our dog, Fred, Monday I couldn’t help but feel like I was the one holding him back.

Which got me thinking, how often are prospects and customers ready to move forward but the salesperson is stuck inside their own process, slowly plodding through.

Holding onto the leash is certainly important, for a few reasons when you have a dog. When talking about sales, it is the salesperson’s responsibility to:

> know when the prospect is ready to move forward vs. run away
> understand the difference between interest vs. skepticism questions
> hear their interest in working together vs. getting off the phone

Here are three questions that might help you know they are ready to buy:
> How do you see _______ fitting into what you’re already doing?
> Where would _________ make things better for you?
> What does our next step need to be?

Stop holding your prospects and customers back. Start helping them move forward toward buying from you.

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