What are you shouting about?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????What are you shouting about?

Do you remember being a little kid, off playing out of sight of your parents?
> Perhaps you were in your room and they were down stairs.
> Maybe you were outside in the back yard and they were inside.

No matter what you were having a great time, engrossed in what you were doing, not interested in the world outside your imagination.

When all of the sudden one of your parents was standing there saying “why didn’t you answer me?”

and you thought… what are you talking about? You hadn’t even heard them.

Of course if you were quick on the draw you apologized immediately, but still had no idea what the directive or question had been.

You had no idea what your parents were shouting about.

Sending emails to your team can be a bit like that.

No matter how important YOU believe the topic is, there is a good chance the inside salespeople on your team don’t hear you.

1. Hopefully they are not checking their email incessantly because they are contacting prospects and customers.
2. Whey they do check their email they scan (just like a prospect) to determine what is important and requires immediate assistance.
3. You probably are asking them to do something they don’t want to do… or at least don’t want to do right now.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever send an email. Instead make sure you vary your mode of communication;
> Instant Message for quick text like questions or comments
> Wander Around for pleasant reminders
> Team Meetings when the whole group needs the information
> Email following up on something you’ve already spoken about
> Phone Calls if you need a quick explanation
> One-on-One Meetings for things that need private discussion

Don’t let your message get lost in the wind. This week think before you begin an email and rethink the best way to communicate with your team.

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