You think WHAT is fun about sales?

There are things in sales that are hard work. Some sales activities scare people. The crazy thing I’ve found is what I consider fun, other people consider the hard work or scary… and vice versa.

dreamstimefree_275766It is the carnival ride that you want to ride, while your friends look at you like you’re crazy.

> Does the ride at the park that uses centripetal force to push you against the sides make you sick to your stomach? Yet other people exit the ride laughing.

Making sales calls around your main contact (different people, departments, and locations) could feel the same way.

> As you stare up at the top of the tower of terror, is that exactly what you feel? While other laughing park guests wait in an endless line to go again.

The same is true for calling up two political levels on your customer’s corporate hierarchy.

> Is your brain silently begging the roller coaster to slow down? While other people on the ride are throwing their hands up in the air shrieking with joy.

Call frequency in prospecting gives inside salespeople the same feelings.

Today think about what is fun, what is hard work, and what scares you about sales. Then decide what you want to do about it… and DO IT!

Today’s post truly was inspired by Jacob Miller aka Kinetic Bear’s post How to create and do good work without inspiration, check it out!

photo courtesy of © Lori Martin | Dreamstime

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