What are you putting off?

Most of us are putting off something.

> It might be a question we don’t want the answer to – so we put off asking.
> Perhaps a deal we don’t want to admit we lost – so we put off calling.
> Or admitting we’re no longer happy in our job – so we ignore updating the resume.

TrainToday think of THREE things you have been putting off and DO THEM.

It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, rather it needs to be something that will move you forward.

Perhaps it seems as insignificant as clearing out your email inbox. It might be calling up one political level when you prospect, which will take a few steps to do – today take the first step.

If the train never leaves the station, no one will ever reach their destination!

Every day examine what you believe you’re putting off and do something about it. You will not believe how much quickly you’ll end up closer to your goals.

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