Sincerity in Leadership

I’ve been thinking about sincerity for a few weeks.

To give you a little background: A sales leader who I admire attended one of my new inside sales hire training sessions when we were reviewing voicemail messages. This was their 1st attempt at combining writing their own script and delivering it (by leaving the message for their prospect on my extension).

After we reviewed everyone’s message, Lisa made a comment that she only listens to messages when the salesperson sounds sincere.

dreamstimefree_184652What if the same is true for sales leaders?

What if the people on your team only pay attention and listen when you sound sincere?

Make your leadership kite soar with sincerity.

> a kite can’t get off the ground without wind. The honesty in your message will allow new ideas to take off in the minds of your listeners.

> there is no direction to flight without a tail to guide your kite. In leadership, your genuineness will determine how your followers feel about your message.

> the string is what connects you to your kite. Use sincerity to connect you to your message. Plus connect the message to the people on your team.

Sincerity as part of inside sales leadership is critical to have the salespeople you want to follow you believe you are worth flying with.

photo courtesy of © Eleandra | Dreamstime

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