Attitude Adjustment

dreamstimefree_80948Have you ever had one of those mornings when you feel like you need to hit the panic button?

The Attitude Panic Button

For whatever reason, your attitude is not on the positive side of the dial.

> your dog knocked you down on your morning walk
> a car tailgated you almost the entire way to work
> you forgot a meeting and have been rushing all morning
> someone important just added ANOTHER thing to your full plate

BELIEVE you can control your attitude, take a deep breath and decide to do it.

I didn’t say it would be easy, I am saying it is possible to give yourself an attitude adjustment.

Here are three keys to unlock a self-attitude adjustment:
1. physically moving helps! Once you’ve made the decision, take a few minutes to walk around (if nothing else go to your mailbox, from your desk to the bathroom, anywhere) – the key is to MOVE.
2. phone a friend. Sometimes we need a friend to vent to, share with, get our spirits moving in the positive direction. – the key is to know who’s positivity will bring you’re attitude UP.
3. breathe. It sounds silly, yet taking a few deep, controlled breaths will help. – the key is getting one single thing under control (your breath is completely inside your abilities).

Those are three keys, but the lock they fit in is belief that you can control your own attitude.

panic button © Pamela Hodson | Dreamstime

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