Is this REALLY urgent?

In Monday’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner, the post talked about Time for Important BUT Not Urgent.

All you inside salespeople out there, I’d like to direct you to ask yourself this question before you drop what you’re doing:

Is this REALLY urgent?

dreamstimefree_112269Yesterday I was working with an inside salesperson right at the moment they got confirmation of a significant deal.


Almost 1/2 of their sales quota.


for January.

It is a fantastic deal and GREAT to know today that it is coming in January. What it isn’t – is urgent.

> Yet the salesperson stopped what we were working on…
> dropped everything…

I’m not saying it wasn’t IMPORTANT to respond to the customer, I am saying it wasn’t URGENT.

It could have waited 24 minutes until our coaching session was over.  I’m guessing as long as a note went back sometime in the next 24 hours it would have been fine (side note: I did ask if they requested an immediate reply – they did not, only that it was confirmed).

Are you breaking up your day without reason?

Treating every single prospect or customer request as if it were URGENT?

If you are CUT IT OUT.

Ask yourself, from the customer’s perspective; “Is this REALLY urgent?”

if yes – stop what you’re doing

if no – complete the task you’re working on, then slide the new request into your existing priority list where ever it belongs.

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