Intrinsic Motivation – fancy words to keep you moving!

Motivation is a completely personal thing.

Motivation is the why behind what YOU choose to do (or not do).

© Dolgachov | - Close Up Of Male Hands With Pen Drawing Scheme PhotoIf you’ve never taken the time to annoy yourself and figure out what motivates you…. how will you ever accomplish anything when the road gets a little bumpy or the route tough to follow?

Intrinsic Motivation refers to those internal drivers that keep us on task and on track.

Here is the way to dig into the motivations you’re willing to tell other people and uncover your true intrinsic motivators:

• Begin by asking yourself “why do I want insert your vision here?”
• Then ask “what will that get me?” for your first answer
• And again “what will insert your 1st answer get me?”
• Over and over again, continue to ask yourself what you will get from that result, until you are thoroughly annoyed and there is NOTHING else.

Yes it doesn’t get annoying! You might want to pick someone you trust and have a conversation vs. trying to ask yourself these questions.

Inside sales success motivation isn’t necessarily about money or possessions.

It may not be about ranking against other inside salespeople at your company.

In fact, you may be surprised by that last thing you end up with!

Don’t worry, that is why I started with motivation is a completely personal thing.

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