Leadership Gratitude Habit – create it!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Gratitude is NOT Alchemy!
> you aren’t turning lead into gold, you’re creating a habit of gratitude.

Think of this, each day work on noticing people doing the right things, perhaps even more than catching them when they don’t.

For the next few days, spend all your time catching people doing the right things! Let them know you appreciate the fact that they are doing their job.

Show your gratitude.

If this is a new idea, you may need some suggestions:
• I appreciate that you are consistently here, already logged in, and working on time.
• Thanks for putting great notes in insert your CRM name and I see where we are with your big deal with insert the prospect/customer name.
• I’d like to acknowledge that I never have to discuss low talk time with you.
• Kudos to you for….
• I’m glad you’ve committed to the importance of….
• It is admirable how you…
• I want to let you know I do notice the effort you….
• The quality of your ______________, is second to none!

This doesn’t mean you can ignore the missteps and mistakes, rather the more often you catch people doing the right things – the more likely they will keep doing them!

Habits aren’t automatic, we have to work to create them. So this week create your own Leadership Gratitude Habit.

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