5 pre-holiday inside sales tips

In the US here you are the day before a long holiday weekend with visions of Turkey, Family & Friends, Naps, etc in your brain.

Yet you’re at work!

ThankYouYou don’t feel like calling anyone… but you know that is your job.

Here are 5 pre-holiday long weekend tips for you!

#1 – call your good customers to say thank you, you may find they have more time to talk and seem more relaxed than on a typical Wednesday.

#2 – make the calls you’ve been putting off, for whatever reason. If nothing else you can commiserate that you’re both working.

#3 – (you might not like this one!) PROSPECT – those people who don’t know you well yet will also be more relaxed and open to a conversation too.

#4 – Yes, yes I know a lot of people are on vacation this week. So call someone else!

#5 – you will also reach someone who is on vacation BUT has a job which requires them to forward their office phone to their cell phone. Have a conciliatory line ready – here is mine; “I’m so sorry you have a job where you have to answer your work phone while you’re on vacation! When will you be back in the office?”

Have a profitable and productive Wednesday!

Thank you for being a part of my inside sales community! If you’re in the US, Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re outside the US, may your week be productive and profitable – and your weekend joyful.

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