stretch… laugh… dial… repeat…

dreamstimefree_85126It is crazy what happens when we dial the phone.

Most of the time we reach voicemail – hopefully leaving a message that is inspiring enough to receive a call back. At least if the message is clever and relevant, they remember the voice when we call back.

Then there are the instances when we hear “Hello” after the ringing stops.

That is when the curtain rises, the stage lights go up and – you’re ON!

> Opening statement delivered – conversation accepted.
> Initial question intriguing enough – prospect talking!
> Listening… follow-up question, prospect talking again.
> Idea shared to keep the WIFFIM at the front of their mind.
> More questions… more answers.
> Mutual decision that it’s worth talking again.
> Date set.
> Click.
> Meeting request sent (heart in throat as you wait for the acceptance).
> Notes entered into the CRM.

When I working with salespeople (and to myself when I’m making sales calls) I will say with more than a touch of sarcasm “you know, this calling thing seems to work.”

Which was when a sales manager laughed and said “yeah, stretch… laugh… dial… repeat…”


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