How many business days does your 2014 have left?

NovDec2014With complete disregard to holidays, vacation, celebrations, etc – including today we have 36 more Monday through Friday days.

> In the US, take of 2 days for Thanksgiving… down to 34
> at least 1 if not 2 for Christmas… that makes it 32
> some salespeople will have offices that have 1/2 days on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve as well… perhaps 31
> now eliminate any vacation you have left… how about we figure a conservative 3 days… now we are at 28

twenty eight (28) days left to make your goal, wrap up your year in a beautiful bow, plan for 2015.

> There is no time to waste shopping on line.
> No luxury of allowing yourself to be distracted.
> You can’t afford to let yourself off the hook.

Hey we just figured out in the next 36 business days you have 8 days off… that averages out to 4 day work weeks for the rest of the year.

Every moment counts… and when I say count, think dollars & cents in your commission check!

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