is the month end push killing you?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf every single month you are telling your team to “push here” for month end, it is probably killing you.


Because in a world where we continually tout the idea of being customer facing, 12 month end pushes makes that idea into a fallacy.

week 1 – find out your customer’s time frame…
week 2 – make sure you’re forecasting based on when THEIR need…
week 3 – always focus on your customer’s requirement…
week 4 – CLOSE IT – what can we do to bring that in this week?

repeat… x12

The salespeople on your team aren’t going to believe you care about the customer – they will believe you care about this month’s numbers over everything else.

Be careful what you push for.

image courtesy of © Lyn Baxter | Dreamstime

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