There is no urgency without priority

Hey, listen up; you can’t create urgency if you – the salesperson – don’t know their priorities!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Overheard…”if I could just get the PO, it would make my year, but they don’t seem to care when this happens” *sigh*

Salesperson #2 “did you offer them free XYZ?”
Salesperson #1 “yes, still nothing”
Salesperson #2 “how about ABC?”
Salesperson #1 “yup”
Salesperson #2 “did you try JKL?”
Salesperson #1 “I did and got no reaction”

I had to jump in (yes I know you aren’t surprised).

Lynn “where does the project fall into their priority list?”
Salesperson #1 – blank stare
Salesperson #2 – blank stare

ok – the blank stare might have been because we were in line for coffee and I didn’t know them.

After the shock of a stranger asking a sales qualification question wore off, they looked at each other and Salesperson #1 said “I have no idea.”

If you are struggling with creating urgency, take a step back and question your prospect about their priorities.

Understand where it fits on the long list of things they need to accomplish – even though 99% probably have nothing to do with what you sell. All of them will impact WHEN you get your PO.

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