Numbers can be emotional!

ScaryNumbersNumbers can be an emotional thing!

If you add up the numbers in red, the total is only $2,000 higher than the numbers in blue.

The top line is quarterly quota for one of my coaching clients – it freaked her OUT.

The blue numbers are the goal she had set for herself to accomplish, well before her manager shared the quota numbers. Which brought up a question in our conversation.

Why does that number make you so emotional (especially being only $2,000 more than the goal you set for yourself)?

The answer was “I’ve never done $80,000 in a single month.”

The actual numbers don’t matter – perhaps your team’s goals have an extra zero or two. What does matter is that a slight readjustment would have made a world of difference.

50,000 We played a game and it turned out moving $1,000 from month 3 into month 1 of the quarter made the salesperson feel better.

Yup, that extra $2,000 over what she had set for herself as a goal wasn’t the issue. It was the emotional reaction to having a goal higher than her sales had ever been in a month.

Not surprisingly when I spoke to her manager about the adjustment, there wasn’t a “reason” to have the goals broken out exactly the way they were – other than the individual salesperson goal totals adding up to have the team hit their quarterly goal.

What did we do?

The salesperson mentally set about to target $55,000 for the first two months so that she could emotionally lower her last months goal and still hit the quarter.

It worked. She ended up OVER 100% of her quota – while not achieving that $80,000 number.

One step at a time.

The question to ask yourself is – do the emotions those numbers bring up for the salesperson help or hurt both our chances for success?

Perhaps moving those numbers around will better serve you.

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