How do you begin?

dreamstimefree_152784Many times sales managers and leaders focus on how to finish.

> a month
> the quarter
> their year

My question today is as a leader,
how do you begin?

> a month
1 – exhausted by the push to make goal from the month before.
2 – with a handle on your team’s forecast because you’re always looking ahead.

> the quarter
1 – relieved that it’s over and you have months before you have to think.
2 – unfazed, because: below, at, or over goal – it wasn’t a surprise.

> your year
1 – ready to coast through the beginning before you start the push.
2 – picking up speed from were you are, to get to where you want to be.

An airplane can’t take off until the propellers are spinning and how we finish in sales is completely dependent on how we begin. Perhaps if you focus on what happens in the beginning, your sales take offs and landings will be easier.

for those of you who are curious
the image is the propellers Of AN-70 Airplane
© Svetlana Tikhonova | Dreamstime

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