Sales passion WITHOUT emotional attachment

Years ago this idea came into my universe – success in both sales and leadership come from being passionate WITHOUT becoming emotionally attached to the outcome.

Sounds crazy even to me.

But HOW IN THE WORLD can you have passion WITHOUT emotional attachment?

The key is to remember the piece you can’t have emotional attachment too… the Outcome.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Inside sales is full of numbers that build up to the outcome we are looking for:
* dials lead to humans
* humans lead to conversations
* conversations lead to opportunity
* opportunity leads to business
* business leads to quota/goal achievement
* money – success – fame – fortune

You get the idea!

IF passion is tied to the outcome:
* dials that don’t lead to humans… deflate
* humans that don’t want to have a conversation… discourage
* conversations that don’t lead to opportunity… dishearten
* opportunities lost… demoralize
* without business we become… dispirited

and we end up believing we will never achieve: money – success – fame – fortune

That is why the sales passion that it takes to come to work everyday enthusiastic and eager CAN’T be tied to the outcomes.

Shed your emotional attachment to the outcomes and your attitudes will change, perception will sharpen, and success will be the logical next step BECAUSE of the sales passion you bring with you on every single call.

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