Where do you expend your effort? 4 Observations on Inside Sales Leadership

ME-July2013 011 A lot of the time our days are full of activity, as we are pulled in lots of different directions, and interrupted at every turn.

Sound familiar? *whew* I was afraid it was only me!

I started thinking last week – am I expending effort where I want to? Here are a few of my observations.

> holding up big rocks

At times there are things going on that are out of balance. Instead of moving forward, because of the big rocks you are holding up, you end up standing still.

Ask Yourself: What is it that is holding be BACK because I’m stuck here holding it up?

> other people’s priorities

I will share with you that that cutie really wanted to be playing vs. getting her picture taken. Being a tolerant kid (who was sure there was ice cream in it for her later), she was willing to stop what she was doing and pose.

Ask Yourself: Why is this important for me to do? (at all… right now… instead of insert another activity here…)

> the important things!

It is ideal when efforts are being expended on the things that are REALLY important! Building your team, coaching individual salespeople, changing perceptions, getting better, moving forward toward your goals.

Ask Yourself: What can I do today to spend 15 more minutes on something important?

Of course the picture I chose is even another place you might be expending your effort…
> somewhere it doesn’t need to be spent!

Although a cute picture, obviously my niece isn’t holding up that big rock. It does look impressive though doesn’t it?

Ask Yourself: Am I standing here looking impressive but not really leading?

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