Where are you going?

Chicago 2009 015Have you decided where you’re going? Where you want your team to end up? What you would like your career to look like?

If you haven’t you might be standing on the wrong platform right now.

Waiting for a train, but it isn’t the right train.
> If you get on a train before you decide the where you want to end up, the journey may be lovely – yet when you arrive you’re disappointed.

Wrong Line?
> Without deciding where you are going, you might be on the wrong train line completely. No possible way to arrive at a station you like, because the train doesn’t stop there.

Wrong Direction?
> Perhaps even more frustrating is determining you have been going in the opposite direction of where you want to end up, close to the end of the line.

Wrong Stop?
> Sometimes we just get off at the wrong stop, making ourselves wait for the next train to come along – delaying our journey to the place we want to go, by not picking where to get off correctly.

Take a moment to make sure you know where you are going, so you choose the right line, the right train, the right direction, and the right stop on your own personal success train.

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