Do you let your inside salespeople have ideas?

A round bulb glowing against an out of focus background. Mono sepia tonedDo you let your inside salespeople have ideas?

That may sound like a silly question, it isn’t like you could STOP them from having ideas… maybe a better question would be:

Do you let your inside salespeople ACT on their ideas?

Perhaps it’s been tried before…
Maybe you can’t see it working…
You’re confident there is a better way…

I’m going to suggest you begin to let go a little, when their light bulb goes on allow them to run with the idea. Help them create a good business case or scenario, then step back and let them surge forward.

Even if it doesn’t work OR if the first time they attempt something new it doesn’t see the results they were expecting.

Work together and see if it was the idea or the execution.

Help them stretch their abilities, give them room to soar, they will probably surprise you!

photo credit © Graham Stewart | Dreamstime

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