What is a softening statement? (whiteboard video)

Softening statements at the beginning of a question help make direct questions easier for the prospect or customer to hear and answer.

They are designed to blunt the edge, take the harshness out, ensure the prospect or customer isn’t put on the defensive by the sales question you’ve just asked.

Need some examples?

I’m curious… I know you’re busy… This may sound strange… I have what might seem like a weird question…

Sometimes it is as simple as “I have a question and I’m afraid it is going to make you insert emotion here (mad, upset, etc)…”

Remember – at UpYourTeleSales.com we always say “just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy.”

If you aren’t use to putting softening statements at the beginning – it might make YOU the salesperson sound a little vulnerable.

hmmm perhaps that is why they work it is difficult to for a prospect to feel defensive if the salesperson just sounded a little vulnerable.

Effective Communication – it’s your responsibility.

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