Are you focused on your priorities?

Concertina camera from topAre you focused on your priorities?
> Some days we are on the ball, focused and working at 100%
> Other days we can’t get out of our own way
> Add in times when we start a lot, yet finish nothing (or that is what it feels like)
> Plus those days we get other people’s priorities accomplished but not or own

I’ve been trying something new lately, in addition to that “to do list” which always seems to have more on it than I can accomplish in any given day, I choose what priorities I’m going to focus on.

It might be customer contact, or prospecting, course development, or coaching.

You get the idea; a theme for the day if you will.

Then I look at my “to do list” and begin with those that fit into my priority for the day.

Simplistic? yes and I think that is why it has been effective.

When a new “to do” arrives, I determine if it fits into my priority for the day… if yes: I’ll give it some of my attention. BUT if no: then it waits it’s turn on the list.

I’ve been having less of those days when at the end, I look back and feel like I’ve been very busy but accomplished nothing.

Along with more and more days that I feel are moving me forward toward my goals.

Give it a whirl, let me know if it works for you as well.

photo credit © Duard Van Der Westhuizen | Dreamstime

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