Out of sales inspiration? Add perspiration!

Stuff 114There are days when I’m completely out of sales inspiration.

I have no creativity left.

I’m just plain tired.

So what’s an inside salesperson to do? Add perspiration!

1. Blitz Calling – have a single topic focus and commit to making 10 dials before you give yourself a break (then keep repeating until the day is done).

2. Steal Inspiration – from someone around you who has more energy and enthusiasm than you’re feeling, team up with them for the day.

3. Tackle The Difficult – put perspiration into something you’ve been putting off that is tedious but doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power.

Of course you can come back here and just stare at the lovely picture I took on one of my morning paddles earlier this year – sometimes I do that too. Then I kick myself in the behind and get back to work.

Those are a few things I do, what do you do when you’re out of sales inspiration?

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