Fear – Uncertainty – Doubt

Oh my God!When you are having a sales day full of fear… uncertainty… doubt – what can you do?

I’d love to tell you it is a snap to change your mindset.

It would be great if there was a switch to flip.

*poof* now you feel confident… certainty… faith

Instead I have to tell you that it will take effort – doing the little things that you know will build back your belief.
> call a good customer to prove you CAN have a good conversation
> draft a new cold call voicemail message to put enthusiasm back in your voice
> make yourself dial the phone to 20 new prospects

Build the staircase, take the little steps and climb back up! That is the only way to stomp on the fear, step over the uncertainty, and climb over your self doubt.

Little wins, small successes will build back the belief you’re good at what you do!

photo credit © Olga Vasilkova | Dreamstime

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