Who gets to choose what’s important?

Who gets to choose what’s important?

Who gets to choose what’s cool?

Who gets to choose what’s effective?

dreamstimefree_106364HINT – it isn’t you!

The people who gets to choose if what you’re calling about is important, if that new product or service is cool, and if you are effective as a salesperson……
(drum roll please)

are your prospects and customers

Even crazier is that each individual you’re calling gets to decide for themselves.

for instance: I don’t like fruit in my beer – neither while it is being brewed NOR when it’s served.

Which means the typical marketing for Hefeweizen (for you non-beer people that would be “with yeast” and brewed with wheat vs. barley) where, at least in the US, they add orange slices isn’t effective.

Nor am I the target market for anyone’s Apricot Ale.

The key is to understand the difference between:
#1 – your messaging isn’t working, but I’d buy your product with the right message
#2 – I’m not your target market

In #1 you are selling Hefeweizen, which I love sans fruit. Change the message – earn my business.

While in #2 you are trying to get me to buy Apricot Ale. Which makes me say YECH.

Figure out AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE which # the people fall under, who find:
> your call purpose boring
> that new product or service blasé
> your sales process ineffective

Now, for #1, figure out: what’s important? what’s cool? what’s effective? Change the message – earn their business.

photo credit © Donna Middlemiss | Dreamstime

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