Catch them doing something right!

I have a challenge for you this week!

Put all your energy, this week, into catching your inside salespeople doing something right!

Look for opportunities to praise them, tell them what they did right, how awesome a call that was, etc:
> asking a great question
> being prepared for an important call
> leaving an excellent voicemail
> finding out one more piece of information
> having their forecast in on time
> a nice job on internal collaboration

What you praise them for is important – you truly need to believe it will make them more successful.

The important part is that instead of being on cruise control, waiting for something to go wrong – as the leader you are looking for all of the incredible talent and small daily successes your salespeople have.

VTviewADKIt is like coming over a hill 4 hours into a 6 hour drive home and pulling over to take a picture because it is beautiful.

Did I “need to”?
> I would challenge YES I did NEED to. It gave me a mental break and I started to look for more beauty to enjoy on my drive.

Did it add time to my trip?
> Yes it did add time, perhaps 3 minutes; pull over, wait a moment for the car behind me to disappear over the hill, snap, wait for a couple cars to go by, pull out and keep going. Yet, it preformed a little magic – making the last 2 hours fly by as I looked for more beauty.

Did it change the journey?
> Absolutely. Plus it has the added benefit of making the journey a better one for your passengers as well.

All of the sudden you’ll discover that everyone on your team is now looking for the opportunity to do the right thing; because you just might catch them doing it.

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