Some days are harder than others!

StruggleOne of my father’s favorite quotes is “The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude.” ~ Bob Bitchin

Here is the question – if you’re the kid trying to climb on a playground is it an adventure or an ordeal?

You might say – an adventure of course, it is a playground after all.
> but everyone has seen a child crying because they weren’t strong enough to make it to the top.

You might say – an ordeal of course, it might be too difficult for them to make it.
> but everyone has seen a child laughing about the fun they had attempting the impossible.

It all comes down to our attitude, on the days that are harder than others – making an attitude choice which makes our sales day an adventure takes more effort, more thought, more force of will.

The easy way is to let it become an ordeal.

Put the effort in, use some of your emotional strength and figure out a way to enjoy the struggle!

© Dianne Mcfadden | Dreamstime

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