What are the best qualifying questions? (whiteboard video)

In sales there is a big difference between what you, the salesperson, want to know AND how you ask your prospect or customer for the information.

“Who’s the decision maker?” and “When will I get the PO?” are both pieces of information salespeople want (and need) BUT aren’t the right questions to ask.

When you are designing your questions YES I said “designing” – there are a few things that will make your questions more effective.

#1 – think about how the prospect buys and craft questions in relationship to their process vs. what you want to know.

#2 – make sure it is easy for the prospect to figure out how answering your question will help them (psst – you might even have to tell them BEFORE you ask the question).

#3 – softening statements at the beginning help to make direct questions easier to hear and answer.

Winging it doesn’t work!

Design the questions you want to ask and have better sales conversations.

Effective Communication – it’s your responsibility.

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