Are you ready when they answer?

I had a horrible experience last week.

I was leaving voicemail… after voicemail… after voicemail – WHEN the unthinkable happened!

business call - serious lookThe Prospect Answered

> What happened?

NOTHING – I flubbed my opening statement… failed to engage him… and got the dreaded “send me some information.”

Plus was in such a state of personal disappointment that I didn’t even use my prepared acknowledgement and response *sigh*

> How did I recover?

I sent my accountability partner an IM – to which she said “I’m glad it still happens to you :-)” yes we have THAT kind of a relationship.

I got up for a minute and moved around, then proceed to make a few administrative assistant/operator information calls to get my conversations skills reengaged.

> and THAT was my ah ha moment.

If I am leaving lots of voicemail (most of the time) I need to make sure I engage with a human on the phone every 20-25 dials.

Then when the prospect I want to talk with actually answers – I’m fantastic.

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