Share your sales leadership story!

Now it is time to Share – Care – Ask – Listen week you spend time making sure you understood your sales leadership story and could articulate it – at least to yourself.

Using that same 15 minutes you were taking to write your story last week, now you can use that same time to take it to the team!

Use your story to help the salespeople on your team understand how you arrived, what shaped your path, and what you hope to create.

The key is to not only care about your own story, but how it affects your team AND the stories of each salesperson you work with. Caring breeds trust, trust builds a strong team, and strength bring sales success.

Now that you’ve worked a bit on building trust as the salespeople on your team for their stories. What does the world they are creating for them self look like?

Exactly like in sales, the only reason we ask – is to give ourselves the opportunity to listen. Turn off all your distractions and hear their story. Listen as intently as you would to information about a deal. In your leadership role, the people on your team creating their success story is what makes you a success.

You may be surprised at the stories you hear, the insight it will bring, and the trust you will build.

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