Story Telling for Sales Success (video)

What’s so important about story telling in sales?

Around 2005 I came up with my not really patent pending objection handling technique… Acknowledge – Tell a Story – Ask a Question.

Then in 2012 I heard Mike Bozworth speak at an un-conference in Boston about the book he wrote with Ben Zoldan – What Great Salespeople Do: The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story. I’m so glad I didn’t have to get together with a neuroscientist and PROVE I was right… someone else did it.

Your brain reacts differently to stories!

Now everywhere I look when I see “story” in a new sales technique or idea – I try it.

Here is a recent example from Mastering Major Account Selling by Richard Ruff and Janet Spirer.

“… perhaps the most effective technique for crystallizing the payoffs of Intangible Benefits is the power of the case example. A well crafted story of a case example told in a manner the customer can relate to is one of the most powerful techniques for bring the conceptual or intangible to life.”

Today I challenge you to begin your story collection:
• Your own story – how did you end up here, today?
• Your customers stories – why you, why your product, why your company?
• and Metaphors that help prospects understand… like talking about budget “are we looking for a Yaris or a Ferrari solution?”

For every sales scenario you find yourself in, make sure you have a story to tell.

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