What can you turn into a game today? (evoked by @jillkonrath)

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAInside sales is a difficult job. It is hard to stay motivated… especially on the days where you feel like you’ve been locked up in voicemail jail!

“What can you turn into a game today?” ~ Jill Konrath in Agile Selling (pg 197)

To keep enthusiasm in your voice, make a game out of the little things that annoy you during the day – things that must be done but you’d rather not.

Not sure what those are? Keep track of the “things” that make you role your eyes about being an inside salesperson. THEN turn it into a game. Here are some options:
> short conversations… game = who can ask one more question on the most calls after the prospect says they have to go.
> not enough call activity… game = who can make 10/dials each hour today.
> business being pushed off… game = who can close EVEN if the deals are lost the most opportunities today.

Bragging rights is an incredible motivator to most inside salespeople. Even if that isn’t true for you, the excitement that is generated around you will bring your own energy level up.

If you’re excited, that feeling will be conveyed on the phone – making people what to call you back and talk with you!

Creating games makes us use our brains a little differently. Makes us explore and think in ways we may not usually.

Plus adding the desire to win – all of the sudden we are excited and enthusiastic – thinking of ways to overcome the obstacles between us and the objective.

Make sure you set up a reward with the people you’re playing against – even if it is yourself.

What will you EARN when you WIN the game? The prize matters less than the fact there is a little instant gratification at the end of a long day.

Don’t wait for your boss to do it – create games for yourself and see your days become fun and consequently more productive.

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