New Skills vs. Acquiring Knowledge (thanks @jillkonrath)

dreamstimefree_219618“learning a new skill is different from acquiring knowledge.” ~ Jill Konrath from Agile Selling (pg 105)

WOW that got me thinking. Of course it also got me checking Merriam-Webster online for actual definitions:
> knowledge – the state of being aware of something (knowing the rules to chess)
> skill – the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance (masterfully playing a game of chess)

Obviously we have to start with knowledge to transform it into skill. Jill talks about leveraging rapid learning in chapter 10 back on page 41):

1. chunking – breaking big subjects down into smaller, more digestible chunks.
2. sequencing – determine what you need to learn first.
3. connecting – link new skills & information to something you already know.
4. dumping – get what you’re learning out of your head & into a place where you can look at it later.
5. practicing – deliberate practice… yes this means role-play!
6. prioritizing – decide which activities are most important and focus on ONE at a time.

Now we have to take that knowledge and continue to work to make our performance – consistent and our results – nearly perfect.

top tips to quickly improve your skills:
> talk with people who already have the skills you’re developing – look for both people who are awesome already & people who are a little further along than you are.
> practice regularly – more role-play (yes I said it).
> use the knowledge NOW – don’t wait until you are great, you’ll become great by doing.
> change often – make sure you revise, refine, and retool to get to nearly perfect (and quickly)!

Want more … of course you do … well:
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