What if you measured “personal best”? (thanks @jillkonrath)

dreamstimefree_46006Inside sales includes lots of measurements!

Some are result driven
> total margin or revenue dollars
> % against quota

Others measure activity
> dials
> phone time
> business opportunities

Most of the time, salespeople are measured against the ideal the leaders have set. It is a number to hit, regardless of where each individual on your team is today.

“Instead of just focusing on quantity, we’d be much better off if we emphasized improvement metrics where we could continually strive for personal bests.” ~ Jill Konrath from Agile Selling (pg 113)

What if, instead you measured “personal best”?

Need an example?
TODAY – Perhaps you’ve figured out that the best salespeople in your organization are on the phone 30% of the time. Because of that realization you *poof* set a target of 30% phone time as the weekly average target.

INSTEAD – how about starting by explaining that the best salespeople in the organization are on the phone 30% of the time. Then looking for 1% more from each person from where they are today – telling them the story that this is one additional 5 minute conversation a day.

What would happen to their success rate if, every day – for the rest of their career, they strove to have one more 5 minute conversation each day? Setting them up for constant and continuous improvement… forever.

That was an easy inside sales example to give.

Jill Konrath actually gives five areas that cry out for personal best measurements:
> connection ratio: the % of calls/contacts that turn into initial conversations
> initial meeting conversations: the # of first meetings that result in an immediate follow-up being scheduled.
> length of sales cycle: the length of time to close a deal (of course each industry and/or size of deal will give you a base line to look at)
> closing ratio: the number of prospecting meetings that turn into customers
> losses to NO decision: how many deals do you lose to the status quo of doing nothing vs. anything?

Want more … of course you do … well:
* buy Jill Konrath’s book, Agile Selling
* stay tuned & read the next post

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