What is your change rationale? (inspired by @jillkonrath)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really analyzed “… the change rationale – why people would spend tons of money with them when their current situation was tolerable.” ~ Jill Konrath from Agile Selling (pg 69)
Odd One OutAs salesperson we might figure out why we are better than our competition.

Plus, what someone gets when working with us.

Maybe even how we solve the problems our prospects and customers are facing.

THE question Jill wants us to ask is completely different.

Instead, you will determine compelling financial reasons that immediately taking action on the problem will make – if you figure out their change rationale!

Oh – the situation they find themselves in isn’t perfect or ideal, yet it is tolerable. Ultimately it is also tolerably comfortable.

Here are a list of questions you could translate into your business and use to dig right into the change rational you need to make for your product/service!
> When something fails, what happens?
> What are the direct costs to fix?
> What are the indirect costs? Opportunity costs?
> Who/What else is affected? What happens then?
> Why wouldn’t they have changed earlier?

Notice these are BUSINESS questions about them and not about your products or services or the competition?

The only reason someone changes from their status quo is that they can tie the change directly to something they want.

The only thing that makes it worth the pain of changing from something tolerable (even if not ideal), is if it is:
> easy enough to make it worthwhile
> proven to cost less than doing nothing at all

Want more … of course you do … well:
* buy Jill Konrath’s book, Agile Selling
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