Living with imperfect (inspired by @jillkonrath) I’ll admit that in Agile Selling, Jill Konrath is NOT talking about the salespeople on your team when she says

“Why should your prospects change from the status quo – especially after they’ve been living with an imperfect one for years?” (pg 67)

Lets do an UpYourTeleSales Twist on that!

Why would the salespeople on your team change from their status quo – especially after they’ve been living with an imperfect one for years?

I’m not saying YOU do this, but you might know
a sales leader who resorts to the parental:
Because I said so! out of frustration.

Dig into the why behind both their current behavior AND their unwillingness to change.

> when in their career did their current behavior WORK for their success?
> define what has changed that makes it impossible to achieve success that way today.
> what is their worst case scenario about making a change?
> their fear may be – false evidence appearing real
> change is hard, what other changes are happening in their life that make it too difficult to change their behavior now?

Currently, the pain of your unhappiness does not outweigh their comfort level with the status quo. Don’t make your unhappiness heavier… work to make the change lighter and easier to accomplish!

Your salespeople would rather live with PERFECT, your role as their leader is to help them believe that change is not only worth it – but possible!

Want more … of course you do … well:
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