The Words You Choose Are Important In Sales (video)

Prospect vs. Customer – why does it matter what I call them?

Words are important. Words have power. They shape how we think and what actions we decide to take.

A SUSPECT is someone who on the surface buys what you sell & might need what you do.

A PROSPECT is someone who YOU know buys what you sell and needs what you do BUT THEY haven’t realized they need what you do – yet.

A CUSTOMER has trusted you enough to give you their money. They actually have proven they buy what you sell AND need what you do.

The questions salespeople ask suspects, prospects, and customers tend to not only sound differently from each other – many times they are actually different questions.

As you look at your account base, territory, list of potential clients – be sure you call them what they are.

It will help you ask them better questions. It will make sure you don’t waste your time. It will ensure you can gauge forward movement in an account.

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