YOU are the differentiator (call out to @jillkonrath)

Dare To Stand Out“you matter – more than what you sell, what it costs, and whom you work for.” ~ Jill Konrath pg 16 Agile Selling

I like how Jill said that and it is in line with my “get the JUST out of there.”

Get the JUST out of there: is the idea that the things we, as salespeople, JUST do – are what is MOST important to the people who do business with us.

So stop saying… I JUST do that. INSTEAD

If you’re an experienced salesperson:
* what makes customers keep coming back?
* if I look at the salespeople around you, what sets you apart?

If you’re new to your position – but experienced in sales:
* what would your customers from your last sales job say about you?
* what will they miss because it was about YOU not the product you sold or the company you worked for?

If you are brand new to your sales career:
* what are the things your family and friends rely on you to do for them?
* ask the people who hired you – what made me different from the other candidates you interviewed?

The answers are the things that make working with you different from your competition.

In Agile Selling, Jill Konrath quotes 2011 Sales Executive Council Research that shows 53% of buyers say the sales experience itself is what makes them loyal to a vendor.

To me that means they are loyal to the salesperson 1st THEN the company or their products/services almost as an afterthought (19% company & brand, 19% product & service delivery, 9% value-to-price ratio).

Make sure you are using YOU as the differentiator when you’re prospecting for new customers.

Want more … of course you do … well:
* buy Jill Konrath’s book, Agile Selling
* stay tuned & read the next post

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