Are you paying attention to the words you use?

CommunicationPieFrom what I could find online it was a University of California, Los Angeles study that came up with the communication pie chart:

Verbal 7%
Vocal 38%
Visual 55%

Which brings us to a question I was asked recently: Why do you think language is so important – if it is only 7% of communication?

There are three reasons that came up in my answer.

#1 – Choosing words that the prospect or customer uses in normal conversation, will make it easier for them to understand concepts and ideas you are presenting. Don’t make them translate your “sales speak” into language they can understand (they probably won’t do it).

#2 – As inside salespeople we are losing the whole “visual” piece (more on that in a next weeks post), which makes verbal that much more critical to our success in conveying our point.

#3 – Creating common ground, comfort, and trust in a relationship is much easier when there is both common language and comfortable communication between the people involved.

Remember – in sales, and perhaps in life: Effective Communication – it’s your responsibility!

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