11 Inside Sales Manager CRM Tips

Instead of watching the salespeople on your team create a big messy ball of yarn out of your CRM. What could you do to make sure it is something useful instead?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-cats-cradle-shot-image354964111. explain how what YOU want the salespeople to do in your CRM will make selling EASIER.
2. when you are talking about deals – pull the info up on your screen (or theirs if you are coaching at the salesperson’s desk).
3. make sure your CRM isn’t so complex that it takes away from selling.
4. explain what the salesperson needs to do in terms of how they sell not in based on how the program works.
5. be an expert using the system yourself, not only how to pull reports – but also how to do the things your team needs to be doing.
6. gather up some salesperson best practices and have a team meeting to share the tips & tricks.
7. ask and understand why someone ISN’T doing what you want before you assume it is because they are lazy.
8. find out how a task is done (& how long it takes) by individuals on your team – the differences will shock you.
9. make sure you reward information accuracy even if the picture isn’t pretty.
10. inside salespeople spend a lot of time gathering little pieces of information over several conversations, make sure those pieces are an easy to put together puzzle in your CRM.
11. inspect what you expect (which is something one of my mentors has been telling me for years).

Make sure using your customer relationship management software is a selling tool not a chore that takes away from the fun of sales!

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