How are you today? (whiteboard video)

Should I ask them how they are at the beginning of a sales call?

Hi, how are you? – is not a greeting.
Hi, Hello, Good Morning, all of those are greetings.

Hi, how are you? – is a greeting combined with a question.

Which means if you say “Hi, how are you?” you need to pause and listen to the other persons answer. Really listen.

Be ready, depending on who you ask; the answer might be short, it might be long, and it may include information you aren’t ready to hear.

Regardless, you asked and now need to be there to listen.

Listening is an active thing, not a passive one where you wait for the other person to STOP talking (so you can start or move on).

Make sure you are consciously deciding right from the beginning, if you want to acknowledge the person or begin a conversation.

Then choose a greeting to acknowledge them or a greeting combined with a question to begin the dialog.

Effective Communication – it’s your responsibility.

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